Is Jose Mourinho Still The Most Effective Trainer Out There?

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

On the other hand, the present operation of Chelsea in the Premier League has cast uncertainty over his “Speciality” as Chelsea trainer.

Even the bookies from Sportsbet’s EPL gambling are fighting to find out the likelihood of the team each week as well as their consequence for the season.

The devotees still stay true, but somewhat disappointed as many are still scratching their heads wondering the way the season could be salvaged.

Regrettable decisions?

Most likely the greatest decision which is haunting Jose right now’s the performance of Radamel Falcao. The Colombian striker has weathered inferior form at Chelsea and has made only one start for the team since his loan from Monaco.

The Special One’s self-assurance considered that he was still a workable Premier League striker, yet the type that Falcao has made in the club continues to be so costly to the club they now find themselves three points from the relegation zone and have now lost seven matches this year.

Loss in trust from your team

The Chelsea direction are proven to lose trust fast. They can be found in a catch 22 position in the instant where under Mourinho’s reign, they’ve tasted back-to-back glory and seasoned failure.

But, the team has released a statement offering their complete support for Jose as a manager and his capability to come up with a squad which is effective at returning for their winning form.

Rumours happen to be popping up the team continues to be seeking out the professional services of Carlo Ancelotti again as a replacement for Mourinho.

If the blame be project to the Chelsea board?

The Chelsea board is one that’s consistently set their expectations high. It might not be a surprise to learn that the team felt under pressure, which has affected their performance on the pitch.

With Mourinho in charge, they can at least anticipate to get some continuity to revamp their effort to get a brand new title play. He’s the greatest trainer the club has ever had.

Chelsea have exhausted their utilization of world class trainers in the club. And although there have been occasional signals of succeeding during Mourinho’s departure, it’s not the way a successful football club should be run.

Should the blame be project on the players?

BBC Sport reported Cesc Fabregas’ fury on the team’s performance within the season and fights to believe in addition to other members of the squad what’s going wrong.

Portion of the difficulty continues to be the team’s inability to hit the target as it pertains to strikes on goal. Despite the fact that the team feels like they may be playing nicely, by the end of the match it’s the team that scores the most and grants the least goals that wins matches.

It is not finished until it is finished!

Now could be a time for patience and reconstructing for the squad to go back to form. He’s Chelsea’s unique one.

Jose is not a magician, but he’s a commander in chief that can orchestrate the success of a football club. He’s done this several times with Chelsea previously.

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