Illusions surrounding sports betting

Of course, not the shortest path to enrichment is chosen by those who want to acquire a fortune by playing on the sweepstakes. However, for many in America, this way is the only way to give at least some, even illusive, hope to have a solid bank account with a couple of hundred thousand dollars, or even a million.

In a game of chance, as, indeed, in any other, it is rather difficult to win. They win the state of the unit, and they part with the last miserable pennies millions. According to the estimates of the special commission of the US Congress, about 50 million people are involved in the gambling business in the country. All of them “fell ill” with so-called sports gambling – a game of chance, where bets are made on the outcome of sports competitions.

Excitement, apparently, is in the blood of the inhabitants of the United States. They say that if there are only two Americans left on the earth, they will certainly bet: who will die before? And if there are two such avid fans at the stadium, then, I assure you, they will not miss an opportunity to argue which team will win.

But usually betting is with the bookmaker. Everyone can take part in the sweepstakes, bet on the outcome of, say, the games of the upcoming tour in special box offices, and in case of luck there, immediately receive the due winnings. Alas, most often gambling players remain in the hands of bookmakers. Today it is believed that in the turnover of sports gambling currently is from 20 million to 80 million dollars.

Astronomical sums

And most of them turn in America the businessmen of illegal bookmakers. This is not accidental. The fact is that legal tote is allowed only in the states of Nevada, Oregon and Delaware. In the rest – it is forbidden, in spite of the fact that the gambling business brings simply fabulous profits. For example, every year Las Vegas casinos legally receive from this type of activity 1.7 billion dollars, some of which are transferred to the city treasury.

If the tote is so profitable, then why not legalize it in all states?

Whether it is no deposit slots or sports betting, it is this issue that has repeatedly asked the authorities of many districts and cities, when they ran out of local budgets. More recently, two members of the House of Representatives from the State of New Jersey brought to the US Congress an amendment to the existing law, which prohibits the spread of sports gambling almost throughout the country. An attempt has been made to mitigate some particularly stringent provisions of this document.

The proposal has not even been submitted to the congressmen’s discussion, as the National Football League, represented by the owners of the two leading clubs of the NFL, the New York Jets and New York Giants, who was “registered” in the state of New Jersey, resolutely opposed it. The protest was argued by the fact that bookmakers would start bribing athletes to get them to fix the necessary results.

I must say that the suspicions of the “plaintiffs” are not without foundation. For example, in 1983, a real scandal erupted around the name of the player Arthur Schlichter, who eventually ended up in the dock. He was charged with not only betting on the outcome of his team’s games, but personally contributing to the achievement of the bookmakers’ results.

Football club owners were supported by New Jersey senator Bill Bradley, a famous basketball player who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 as part of the US team. He so motivated his position: “The bet on the outcome of sports competitions misrepresents American children. The goal of the sport is personal and team achievements, not winning or losing money. “

This is how the positions of those who are guided by purely commercial considerations and those who operate with moral categories have collided around the totalizer, arguing that sports betting is fraught with corruption, that it can lead to a breach of purity in the relations between athletes and fans. In short, the amendment to the law, apparently, will not pass.

Here’s an amazing thing: we used to often accuse the Americans of the desire for profit, in the predominance of their mercantile interests, but it turns out that in the dispute money or morality? – Most often, the defenders of morality win. The business of gambling in the US is strictly limited to the strict limits of the law, which no one is allowed to violate.

Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t win either

Forecasts, as you know, are hopeless and risky. However, the bosses of the gambling business have a different opinion on this score, directly related to their entrepreneurial activities. It is on the accuracy of foresight that their business is built, because publishing information about the stakes, they enter into a kind of competition: a bookie against the fan. The chances of teams on the eve of the next NFL championship in American bookmakers are estimated, based on the results of past competitions, roughly as follows: leaders, say, “Buffalo Beals” – as 5/1 and outsiders, say, “New England Patriots” – as 250 /1. We will understand, what does this fraction mean? Those who bet on recognized favorites could, in case of success, receive a prize of five dollars per one enclosed dollar. Well, those who risked and put on obviously weak teams, could one dollar “wrap” at once 250 dollars. The profit here is much more weighty, but the risk is also greater. Well, we can say one thing: who does not play, he does not win.


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