Favourite Football Teams

favourite football teams
favourite football teams

Throughout its communist times, the Bulgarian state managed to maintain its nationality and freedom just through supporting the nation’s favourite football team – Levski Sofia named following the apostle of Bulgarian independence from Ottoman rule, established in 1914. Known under numerous different names through the years, broken down and broken up in an effort to subdue the excitement and empower the communist slogan you aren’t with us, you’re against us and stomp on the fundamental human rights to support a team they love, Levski Sofia football team has managed to persevere and come out on top in the current society.

It is won 26 Bulgarian Championship titles, only surpassed by its rival CSKA Sofia. Famous football icon like Gundi and Gonzo who played globally also have captained the team and also have taken it to world-wide fame. Gerena stadium is the primary arena of Levski Stadium with capacity of 19, 000. The other largely supported Bulgarian team is CSKA Sofia. Its history is somewhat different to Levski’s as they’d been the Army’s team in the previous – supported by the government in office and managed by the very same. Considering they’ve won 31 title in the shortest history, founded in 1934, it is only fair to contemplate the proven fact that during communist times they were driven to victories to be able to keep up with the control of the ruling party by proving to the regular citizen that the first party is the almighty strong tool that’s to lead them.

If we place that aside, CSKA has supplied one among the supreme quality players on a worldwide stage, including Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Berbatov, a game for Barcelona, reaching 4th position with Bulgarian national team and win the Golden Ball honor and the other playing for top level clubs like Tottenham, Manchester United and Monaco and winning the UEFA Champions League, respectively. CSKA Sofia has a great academy for youths and is known to promote small sportsmen and develop them to become excellent professionals. The most renowned, risen to infamousy football team lately is Ludogoretz. It is owner is Kiril Domuschiev, a rich businessman that funds the club and provides it with a spending budget almost 5 times as big as the second to it with regards to finance. Their primary technique is to acquire sportsmen from overseas, mainly African areas and Brazil and utilize them to dominate in the local tournament. Results speak for themselves, Ludogoretz was a champion for the last four years since it emerged in the Group A of the Bulgarian football league.

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